Year: 2014

Linux Gaming – Steam problem

Now that Steam is available on Linux and there are a decent number of games available for it, I’ve decided that as a massive geek I should probably game on Linux whenever possible. I’ve already got a decent gaming rig

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Adventures in Linux: ananke installation

So, the previous-latest plan was to use Arch Linux for the server, but having been bitten by a bug with xbmc and a recent xorg update, I’ve decided on using a “real” server OS  (with hindsight, probably the choice I

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Introducing the new shiny: ananke

So…. It’s been while since I’ve updated anything here! Work’s still being quite busy and it means that I’m lacking in spare brainpower to geek out as much as I used to. On the plus side, work is interesting 🙂

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Yet more ponderings on the new server

So, it’s getting to the time of year when I’ll actually have some money to start buying the new server. Obviously this means I’ve been re-rethinking a lot of things about it! I’m still thinking a Ivy Bridge i3 system,

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Adventures in Linux power savings

I was looking at the power consumption in my laptop and was using powertop to see what was happening – the CPU was spending some time in the lower power states (C3 and up), but was mostly in the C1E

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FreeBSD 10 and some thoughts on hardware

So, between a manic year-end and busy start to the year, I’ve managed to neglect my little corner of the internet for over a month! Since my last post, FreeBSD 10 has been released and I’ve discovered a useful fact

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