Musings on Docker

It’s been a while since I’ve put anything up here, but there’s not been much in the way of geeky/interesting things to write about, but having recently moved house, I’ve had to play around with the Server of Doom a bit, as it’s role has changed, so more geekery has happened 😀

Ananke now longer is attached to a monitor, so first task was to remove the graphical login and window manager as the root drives are only small (9GB). After a bit of poking around the net, it was fairly simple to do:

  sudo apt-get remove x11-common
  sudo apt-get autoremove

I’ve also been meaning to get a few more services running on the server for general mucking about with – OwnCloud being the main one, so I can access my files from the net if needed. Having poked about the internet, Docker seems like a good way to do this – I can spin up a container, muck about with the config and settings to get a feel for how things work, then spin up a clean instance to ‘get it right’. It should also make backing things up a lot simpler, as I can just backup the docker image and move it to a new host. And now that I’m thinking about it, doing the same on the VPS running this site should probably also be A Thing…

Well, that’s the next few geek projects sorted at least! I’ll try and keep this thing updated on my adventures in Docker Land!

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