About me

My name’s David and I have a problem: I spend far too much time with computers.

I’m a massive technology enthusiast who enjoys mucking about with computer hardware and software. I’ve dabbled in programming, system administration, building machines, breaking them, putting them back together again, installing all manner of OS’s onto them and generally having a lot of fun! I spend a fair amount of time gaming on the PC platform as well – I’ve never really gotten into consoles though.

I enjoy reading about hardware and software design, programming languages, operating systems, security design and systems, quantum physics, astrophysics, cosmology, maths, encryption, role playing games, sci-fi and fantasy literature and probably other things I’ve forgotten to mention here!

I’m also a cyclist and a LARPer.

I’ve decided to start documenting my ramblings on the internet, hopefully people will find them interesting!


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