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So I got distracted by video encoding…

Yeah, was meant to be getting my head around Docker, but got side tracked by H.265 and H.264, and CUDA… Turns out that a lot of the media files I’ve got are from the DivX era of encoding and re-encoding

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Server migration and related ramblings

So I’ve been neglecting this blog for the last year and a bit, mostly because work has been eating brain power, and not leaving me and spare for geeking in the evenings. On the plus side, that seems to not be

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Adventures in Linux: ananke installation

So, the previous-latest plan was to use Arch Linux for the server, but having been bitten by a bug with xbmc and a recent xorg update, I’ve decided on using a “real” server OS  (with hindsight, probably the choice I

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Introducing the new shiny: ananke

So…. It’s been while since I’ve updated anything here! Work’s still being quite busy and it means that I’m lacking in spare brainpower to geek out as much as I used to. On the plus side, work is interesting 🙂

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Yet more ponderings on the new server

So, it’s getting to the time of year when I’ll actually have some money to start buying the new server. Obviously this means I’ve been re-rethinking a lot of things about it! I’m still thinking a Ivy Bridge i3 system,

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FreeBSD 10 and some thoughts on hardware

So, between a manic year-end and busy start to the year, I’ve managed to neglect my little corner of the internet for over a month! Since my last post, FreeBSD 10 has been released and I’ve discovered a useful fact

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Server of Doom – Core hardware thoughts

I’ve been poking at the net and thinking about what hardware to use for the new server. I’ve not got any spare components, so I’ll be buying everything new, so I’ll be picking up components in small batches over the

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Server of Doom – Musings on the hardware

One of the reasons I like ZFS is the reliability of storing data on it – everything stored is checksummed and validated each time it’s read from the file system. Aether currently has a failed drive on the OS zpool,

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Server of Doom plan

My current set-up at home is beginning to appear a little machine heavy – I’ve got aether (file server), tartarus (email/web server/gateway/misc), chronos (XBMC machine), eve (gaming machine) and thanatos (laptop). I’m thinking that I can get a single machine

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