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FreeBSD 10 and some thoughts on hardware

So, between a manic year-end and busy start to the year, I’ve managed to neglect my little corner of the internet for over a month! Since my last post, FreeBSD 10 has been released and I’ve discovered a useful fact

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Updating \(LaTeX\) rendering to use MathJax

Just a quick post to say that I’ve updated the server to use MathJax to render any mathematical things I use here instead of the WP-LaTeX plugin for WordPress which I was using. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the plugin, but

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Server of Doom – Changing to the new package management system

I’ve spent a bit of time reading about FreeBSD and how it all works and it turns out that the old package management system (pkg_add and the like) is being phased out for the newer pkgng (next gen package system). A

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Server of Doom – Virtual Machine configuration

Having had some time to play with FreeBSD, I found out that I’d slightly messed up the installation: When I was setting the ZFS settings for the various filesystems making up the installation, where I should have typed: # zfs

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Server of Doom – Virtual Machine installation

Having poked around the net for a day or so, I’ve decided that FreeBSD should be the OS for the Server of Doom (I’m not sure on a ‘proper’ name yet, so SoD will suffice for now!) and I’m looking

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Server of Doom plan

My current set-up at home is beginning to appear a little machine heavy – I’ve got aether (file server), tartarus (email/web server/gateway/misc), chronos (XBMC machine), eve (gaming machine) and thanatos (laptop). I’m thinking that I can get a single machine

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Migrating away from Google

It’s been on my mind for a while that I should probably migrate away from Google – mostly because I’d prefer to control my own data, but also for the fun that setting up everything would be. I’ve done the

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HTTPS has been acheived!

So, I got distracted at lunch at work and decided to puzzle out how to get https working on the server… Up until now, I’ve just used the default settings for ssl with nginx and a self signed certificate. With

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So, my net connection at home has died due to a fire near to the data centre it’s routed through. Current update is that the Fire Brigade aren’t allowing the engineers on site due to safety concerns, so everything’s a

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‘X’ Programming languages

Learning to program has been on The List of things to do for a while now, so this is mostly an ‘Obligatory X Languages’ Post on what I’d like to get my head around. I’ve been using a fair bit

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